Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas preparations

I have a bit of a tradition of giving a bag of goodies to both sister in laws and their families for Christmas. My bags started out as hampers with all handmade jams and chutneys but have now evolved to large jute bags with a variety of homemade, local and international produce. Also, maybe a game, or a DVD, or a jigsaw and other little bits and bobs that take my fancy! Anything left over from Christmas Day is shared amongst their family and squirrelled
away to various homes. today I have made banana chutney and redcurrant chutney, lots of cinnamon in both so lots of lovely christmassy smells in my kitchen! Jane

Friday, 11 November 2011


The last few days here have been so quiet and still. The trees still have most of there leaves on and the colours are beautiful. I have a particularly lovely acer at the front of the house which never fails to delight with it's colours. We have only had one night of frost so far but I'm sure the next time Jack Frost makes an appearance the leaves will fall in abundance. So meanwhile enjoy the colours and textures, Jane.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Beginnings


I am completely new to this but have been reading such lovely blogs that I have been inspired to start one myself. I am completely hopeless on the computer so would welcome any advice!
My blog is very bare at the moment but please bear with me and over time it will expand.
I live in Mid Wales near the very beautiful welsh border. The inspiration for the title of my blog? Simple, my two favourite flowers. Jane