Thursday, 12 March 2015

A quick catch up

I can't quite believe we are heading for the middle of March! The last few months have been a mixture of work and trying to look after my Mum who has been quite poorly. Thank goodness she seems to be stable now and with the spring coming will hopefully feel better.
My youngest daughter has just had university interviews for her nursing degree and has had two offers of a place so that's brilliant. As an ex nurse I did try to put her off but she will make a brilliant nurse and I hope she loves the profession as much as I did. My elder daughter has been busy renovating a bathroom which looks great and is off skiing with goodness know how many high school children at the end of the month. And my son, still in Sydney and working in an artisan brewery! And at the moment he and his girlfriend are in Melbourne for the Gran Prix, great!
It's a lovely morning here, my little daffodils are out along with crocus, iris and primrose. Off to work, a very happy Thursday to everyone! Jane x