Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Friday, 21 December 2012

Nearly there!

Last day at work today, we've had a movie day, Mary Poppins this morning and Mama
Mia this afternoon. We had a Christmas party last week and Christmas lunch and yesterday
a visit from Santa. (I have a fantastic job as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities)
I am certainly in the Christmas spirit and looking forward to the next couple of days of final preparations for the big day. We shall be nine for Christmas lunch, not too bad. It will be lovely to catch up with family and friends. Enjoy the next few days, a peaceful and happy time to everyone.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Wind and rain

This morning the sun is shining and it's beautiful. Yesterday the rain lashed down and the wind was, well windy! I have a lovely acer just outside my front window which at the beginning of the week was covered in the most glorious coloured leaves. Today it's almost bare, just a few bedraggled leaves hanging on.
Thoughts to anyone who has been affected by the high wind and floods, at least today is calm.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Well, where did the last eight months go?! I have been meaning to update my blog and at last I am. Since I last posted anything, we have had a busy spring and summer. Autumn is quieter and feels like the time to slow down a bit(!) and reflect on whats been and to plan for the months ahead.
In April, myself and my husband had a lovely holiday in Peurto Pollensa, Majorca. It's a beautiful part of the island and we have been going for a number of years now. We recharge our batteries, walk, read lots and generally have a very relaxing time. We stay at the Hotel Uyal, thoroughly recommended. Not long after this was followed by a surprise invite to an old friends wedding in Versaille, a magical weekend and wedding which I shall say more about later! Another wedding followed, this time our nephew in lovely Oxfordshire. Again, a nice weekend away exploring.
There were also exams, A levels for my youngest daughter and her subsequent foray into the world of employment. My older daughter moved out, begun her PGCE and got engaged! Life is never dull. We are so pleased for them both, however Mum's emotions have been up and down and around like a whirlwind!
We have also made a conscious effort to walk and cycle more and I shall write a bit about where we have been again. In August we snatched a few days away "glam ping" in a pod, more of that again! This was to recover from all the other exertions! Well, that was my excuse anyway!
Looking forward to another wedding on Saturday, this time in the church we got married in 28 years ago and not so far away this time. Hoping the bride and groom will have a fine day and much happiness. Jane x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Looking forward

I've been busy reading all sorts of lovely blogs but not updated mine.So on a rare quiet day I will try and put this right! Christmas was lovely with all my family round and a nice break from work. It seems along time ago now and spring is definitely on the way, snowdrops and crocus in flower and there are buds on my lilac and buckthorn. I had one lovely little rose in bloom until just after Christmas. It is just outside my door and a deep red and flowers until late every year. We have missed the snow here and on my journeys to and from work, I have appreciated the stunning shapes and differing colours of winter. The days are ever so surely drawing out and I felt a little bit of welcome warmth in the sun the other day. The cycle, reassuring in its familiarity goes on once more. Happy Monday to everyone! Janex