Wednesday, 30 January 2019

January break

Some photos of our lovely cottage in Menai Bridge, our go to bolt hole for relaxing breaks. Not really ours you understand but I like to imagine it is! Fresh crisp snowy winter weather, perfect. Happy Wednesday everyone, Jane x

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 39#100 day garden project

Days have flown by and whilst I can say that there are quite a few days I’ve missed I do seem to have spent more time in the garden than of late and it looks the better for it. There is the small matter of my border of perennials which need a sort out and some new planting but that will have to wait until after our forth coming holiday in Portugal. I’ve cleared a lot of pots, planters and plants that had outgrown their time. My herbs are coming really well, sage, mint, lavender, chives and thyme. The front garden has been a combined effort from hubby and me and is looking good. We live on an estate and a lot of our neighbours have turned their front gardens to parking areas which though practical are not to my taste. I like our shrubs under planted with anenomes, bluebells, daffodils and tulips. The geraniums are a couple of weeks away as yet but I love the pink and blue together. Our Peris has been a blaze this spring and my climbing Golden Showers rose is just coming out. And the grassed area looks lush and green. So all in all, I’m pleased!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

day 14#100dayproject

Days 7 to 14 have been a bit lean, hubby has done more gardening than me. He’s been cutting the lawns and treating the grass. I’ve been fiddling, planting up some plants in new pots, sweeping up winter debris, dead heading daffodils and admiring a pot of tulips that I had forgotten about. They are very pretty. The next few days promise to be warm and sunny so here’s to happy gardening!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 7#100 day garden project

Days 5 6 and 7 have been a little slow on the #100day garden project. That’s putting it mildly. Two days of work, straight to the gym afterwards and a few family bits and bobs to contend with meant I failed miserably on Monday and Tuesday this week. Today I did do a tiny bit of weeding. Forwards and onwards, I will do some gardening tomorrow!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

#100dayproject day 3 and 4

I didn’t think I would get anywhere near the garden yesterday as the rain was so heavy in the morning but I did get out and did ten minutes doing some hoeing in my mixed border at the back. And removing some very vigorous looking dandelions! I also tidied up some debris at the side of the house as the winter storms have taken a toll. Today, day 4 next on the list was to sweep and weed some steps that lead up to my water butt. I feel like I’m doing all the easy jobs at the moment when actually I need to be on hands and knees getting down and dirty with the weeds that are coming up as well as the flowers! I will though. I have felt good about doing a little something every day and hope the garden does too. Happy Sunday everyone xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2018


I’ve been inspired by Elisabeth from Welsh Hills Again to undertake the #100dayproject. The idea is to do something in your garden for 100 days. So today I started, day 1. I’ve lapsed big time with my gardening over the last few years. Time and energy have been sorely lacking. In my younger days my garden was neat and tidy, I worked full time, had my three lovely children and generally ran around without stopping! Now, heading towards sixty life is a bit different. Still working although part time now, looking after an ill father, my sister, helping out with my ninety year old Mum in law but I’m slowing up! I don’t have a big garden by any means but I’ve lost my garden mojo. So this project seemed a good idea to try and get it back. I’m not going to blog every day of what I’ve done but I am going to write daily in my happiness planner given to me by older daughter. I do help in said daughters garden too which is flat and wind swept and I help with tidying and weeding generally. My other daughters garden is 900 metres up the Long Mountain outside Welshpool and a very different garden. Facing North West, North and North East it’s set into the hillside planted with some lovely shrubs and cottage garden plants. But it needs a lot of tending! So I do garden, just not very often in my own! Anyway today I started, I put the washing out for the first time this year. Sunshine! Does that count as gardening? Well, I opened the back door and went out so yes. Then a bit of sweeping and a look at what’s growing. Not much gardening yet. Anyway, hubby got the lawn mower out and cut the front lawn so we were off. I hoed the front borders, swept up, watered some tulips growing in a pot and felt a lot better. Here’s to day 2 tomorrow. Jane x