Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 39#100 day garden project

Days have flown by and whilst I can say that there are quite a few days I’ve missed I do seem to have spent more time in the garden than of late and it looks the better for it. There is the small matter of my border of perennials which need a sort out and some new planting but that will have to wait until after our forth coming holiday in Portugal. I’ve cleared a lot of pots, planters and plants that had outgrown their time. My herbs are coming really well, sage, mint, lavender, chives and thyme. The front garden has been a combined effort from hubby and me and is looking good. We live on an estate and a lot of our neighbours have turned their front gardens to parking areas which though practical are not to my taste. I like our shrubs under planted with anenomes, bluebells, daffodils and tulips. The geraniums are a couple of weeks away as yet but I love the pink and blue together. Our Peris has been a blaze this spring and my climbing Golden Showers rose is just coming out. And the grassed area looks lush and green. So all in all, I’m pleased!

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