Monday, 9 September 2013

Plums Glorious Plums!

My neighbour very kindly gave me some excess plums from their garden over the weekend. Two days and many plums later I have made the following; five plum crumbles, two plum clafoutis, four pounds of spicy plum chutney, four pounds of plum jam and I also managed to freeze six pounds! Phew! I've also made strawberry and gooseberry jam, pickled some beetroot and my next project is tomatoes. Lots of different tomato chutneys and relishes to last over the winter. Very satisfying!


  1. My goodness ..... you've been busy. I usually get Victoria plums given to me but the friends that give them have lost their plum trees. I think that they were old and finally gave up the ghost !!!! ..... but, I have been buying them as Victorias and similar are now in season and I could eat them all day !!
    I'm sure that your son is haing a wonderful time ..... we were in such a remote part of Croatia .... a villa in a small village that had two restaurants. It was heaven !! XXXX