Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Winter on the way

I seem to have missed autumn! Our weather here is wild and wet and we've had some sleety showers. The air has that unmistakable chill to it. I've put the sensory garden at work to bed for the winter and at the moment we are busy sweeping the leaves up that keep falling down! I wish I was on top of my garden here at home!
Now the nights are dark, ive become a bit obsessed with knitting. I only feel confident doing smaller items and luckily have great nephews and nieces who don't mind having some home made outfits! I'm also knitting flowers to make broches and corsages and did a bright pink hot water bottle cover! Thoughts are turning to Christmas and wedding preparations are going well and we seem to be on target so far. I'm sure in the new year we will be busy! I had a lovely day with my daughter, the bride to be and my other daughter, the bridesmaid at the Wedding Show at the NEC in October. Great fun, but lots of people there!
We are hoping to go up to Anglesey for a long weekend at the end of the month, I'm really looking forward to that. Love to everyone, Jane x

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